Any Doctors out there?? Help on First Aid Kit!?!


Any Doctors out there?? Help on First Aid Kit!?

What are the uses for the following?? Explain! and FAST!!

first aid tape
antiseptic wipes
antihistamine/anti-ich lotion
cold pack
antibiotic ointment
digital thermometers
chicldren's stregnth acetaminophen/ibuprofen
electrolyte solution

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2 weeks ago
How do you use these items??


i work for a first aid serving company in southern calif, some items your missing. ammonia inhalents for fainting, c.p.r. barrier mask, triangular bandage,for sprains or breaks, latex or nitrile gloves, eye cups, eye pads non adherant pads. try and also check for the A.N.S.I. standards

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