Is it ok to drink tonight after taking a vicodin 500 at 9 am?!


Is it ok to drink tonight after taking a vicodin 500 at 9 am?

I have a perscription for vicodin and my tooth was throbbing this morning so I took a vicodin. Well I am going to roger waters concert tointe and want to drink some would that be ok? I took the vic at 9 am and it was a 500 and no i dont take them everyday the most i take in one day is 2. Just wondering if it will be out of my system at around 6 pm??


Yes it will be out of your system and you should be able to drink. I would highly recommend though not to overdo it. Remember that you might need to take a vicodin tomorrow after the drinking party and you might not be able to do so. But you should be fine if you drink a couple of beers or whatever

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