Stomach ache?!


Stomach ache?

my stomach hurts under mii belly burrton in the middle and to the right my lower back has been hurting mostly on the right side i feel hungry i have no vomiting i have nausea and i feel bloated help


Could be appendicitis, but I would think that if you were suffering from that you'd be in a lot of pain, and maybe have a slight fever. It's possible that your appendix is "flaring up", according to my bio teacher an appendix can do that without having to be removed. It's also possible that you have a gull-bladder issue considering the pain is going straight through to your back - that's typical of gull-bladder issues, perhaps even acid reflux - my mom has symptoms like this and her doctor is treating her for acid reflux before jumping to any expensive tests on the gull-bladder. Make an appointment with your doctor to go over your symptoms. They'll go through your symptoms, medical history, and an exam and try to decide the best way to take care of it. For my mom: her doctor told her to limit the dairy products, and gave her prevacid, told her if it didn't help in about a month they'd start doing upper and low GI scans for gull-bladder issues, so perhaps your doctor would do something similar. Good Luck! Feel better!

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