Please help me??!?!


Please help me??!?

I am getting my ears pierced in 2 weeks and I was wondering EXACTLY what it feels like. Could you write a long paragraph about what they do and stuff, please? I'm kinda scared... Thanks..


It is really not that painful, obviously it is going to hurt a little, but it is over so fast, they have done it before you even realise, they will clean the earlobe with a fluid, they will then make a dot in the place you want the ear pierced with a felt tip pen, they will ask you if your happy with it, different places use different types of equipment to actually pierce but the basic mechanism is the same, as in stud one side butterfly back on the other, the ear lobe is placed between them, one super fast click and its all over, one tiny pain and it is done, you will be fine i promise.

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