What could be wrong?!


What could be wrong?

Two days ago, I hurt my knee..pretty bad. My dog ( 103 lbs) ran full force to the gate, and ended up catching my kneecap and moving it to the outside of my knee. I then fell on my kneecap while i was on cemement. When i landed on it, It wasn't back in place, however when i sat up it went back in place by itself, though the pain was unbearable. I went to the ER and they said there was no broken bones.

So now, two days later I'm off the crutches, but when i walk it feels all loose. It pops and cracks and goes out of place. It still hurts as well. I can't turn a corner normally or it will go out of place. I can't straighten my leg either because of the intense pain and there is a pulling feeling which is most uncomfortable. What could be wrong?


You dislocated your knee cap and in the process you stretched the tissue that holds the knee cap in place. Causing all that trauma to that soft tissue around the knee cap is what is the source of all the pain. I would recommend that you go see an orthopedic doctor to determine the extent of the damage and to find out how unstable the knee cap is now. This thing will have difficulty just healing on its own. Physical therapy can help a lot with you getting back the motion and bringing back the strength of your leg.

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