Sudden bone pain?!


Sudden bone pain?

Started suddenly last week. Horrible pain in my lower left shin. Walking makes it worse, but it's BAD just sitting or lying down. No injury, no bite, no overuse. About 2 inches of the bone is very sore to the touch. I've taken every OTC pain med and soaked it, tried Aspercream, IcyHot......nothing gives me any relief. I just keep hoping it will go away as suddenly as it arrived--it just gets worse. I know, I need to be seen. I'm asking if anyone else has ever had this?


Better not delay medical attention for too long, else treatment becomes harder, like cancer.

Sacrifice all your commitments today/tomorrow. These 24 hrs are crucial. I had a serious leg problem a few years back, walked around with an ankle contoured support for almost 2 weeks, so i know how frustrating the situation can be. Hurry and hope u recover soon!

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