VERY sharp pain on lower abdomen. Please help!?!


VERY sharp pain on lower abdomen. Please help!?

So; I was about to shower and had a VERY strong pain on my lower abdomen. It may have been cramping; but I got off my period a few days ago... and, if they are cramps, they are severe.

The pain lasted about a minute and a half and slowly faded away, but I was in so much pain I could hardly breathe or speak. Then, it happened again about a minute later... this time a little bit longer and a little bit worse. Through the pain, I was feeling like I was going to throw up and began getting dizzy. I finally got into the shower where I got so lightheaded I had to get out, lay down for about five minutes, and get back in.

Please do not just tell me to go to the doctor. I want at least a slight diagnosis so I can look up the symptoms.

It happened about 30 minutes ago and hasn't happened since. I'm still slightly light headed, but not severely.

Does my period have something to do with it? I get my period every 10-14 days and they last a week. (Putting more in More Details.)

Additional Details

2 weeks ago
Does my diet have any significance? I'm a vegetarian and eat about 2 small meals a day (though I'm not anorexic, nor ever hungry. I just can't eat a lot.) Does my age? I'm a 14 year old female; 5'4 and 103 pounds.

Could I be hungry; or should I eat something? I haven't yet eaten today, though I just woke up 2 hours ago (typical teenager. ;]) Should I/can I eat?

Any help or further information would be wonderful. I'm putting a lot down just in case it has anything to do with it. If you need more, just ask I'll put it in. Thank you!


go to this website, it can give a free in depth analysis of your symptoms, just click start and follow the guide. at the end it will give a list of possible conditions and there symptoms and you can match them to your symptoms, then you can see if its something serious.


best of luck!

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