Problems sleeping?!


Problems sleeping?

I start getting tired around 11pm, but unable to actually fall asleep until 4am. I have to get up around 7/8am to deal with the kids. This happens every night.
The doctor gave me Valium, but it just makes me a little dizzy for about an hour and that's it.

Anyone ever go through this?


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2 weeks ago
>>>>Do you have caffeine in the form of coke, coffee or tea after 3 pm?<<<
Actually I do. But it's never bothered me in the past so I never counted it as an issue. That may be it! Hormone levels!!!! yikes! Never thought about that one!

Thank you!



Knock off the caffeine after noon, then try a cup of very warm milk with a little honey in in just before bed. It really does work! Some lavender scented oil on your pillow is relaxing too. Be sure to shut the TV off if you have on in your room, but some soft music might help.
Do NOT drink alcohol! You will sleep for a little while and then wake up. Even a small amount can give you a headache andit's not worth it. Sweet dreams!

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