Is ne1 on here a doctor or paramedic, i need advice on my shoulder?!


Is ne1 on here a doctor or paramedic, i need advice on my shoulder?

this is what happened:

The other day my friend gave me a massage she's not professional, but i havn't have a prob with her b4 and well this time she was giving me one and she found a certain spot right on the bone of my left shoulder blade, i have been having pain there for a few months, and i think that may have been the spot where the pain was coming from so i thought oh good this might fix it, but the pain was so bad i almost passed out and was in extreme agony afterwards, and couldn't sleep on it, for the next couple of nights and i still, cant sleep on it, so you think she may have done more damage, by massaging it, should i go to the doctor?


I answered your question once before...there is noway anyone on here can diagnos a could be so many thngs. An x-ray is required. Chances are that your friend DID NOT HURT YOU WITH A MASSAGE.. Go to the doctor!

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