Whats up with my eye? bloodshot and it hurts?!


Whats up with my eye? bloodshot and it hurts?

my right eye hurts from the back when i blink. started to hurt all random! like 6 hours ago and it got it bloodshot. vision is still the same in both eyes. it just hurts when i blink. like a bruising hurt. it has been very very hot so i havent slept much these past days. could it be from staying up too long? or being on the computer too long? sinus??

i already took a nap. still red; but isnt as bad but it still hurts when i blink. dont have moneys to go to the dr


Step away from the computer and get some saline drops! Sounds like you have eye strain and dry eye...Don't buy visine or anything with vasoconstrictors in it...Just some plain refreshing eye drops or even a bottle of contact saline solution. Put some in your eyes, apply a cool compress, and stay away from the computer/TV/ etc. You gotta get some sleep! Your eyes need rest! If the pain is bad, you can take some tylenol or ibuprofen...

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