Piercing the web between thumb and finger. any major dangers or veins i should k!


Piercing the web between thumb and finger. any major dangers or veins i should know about?

i can't be bothered getting it professionally done. i just want to pierce it. any suggestions on what jewelry i should use and what precautions i should take?
thanks heaps guys.


I pierced mine twice, and I would recomend not doing it. first it gets infected very easily (you put your hands on everything. second if you do manage to get it to heal without it getting infected, then it will migrate on you, everytime you move your thumb and figers it causes the ring to move and irritate the skin around it, it then callouses over, afer a few days the callous wears away leaving the ring a little closer to coming out, then you irritate it again and again and after a few times the ring can just be pulled straight through the skin. I had one of mine get infected pretty bad and that made it migrate really quickly, the second time I was super careful about keeping it clean and I did get it to heal and with taking really good care of it, it grew out in about 6 months, so it really isn't worth the hastle (it does look cool for a couple months, but that's about it)

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