When will my back be fully better ?!


When will my back be fully better ?

hello there !
in march i woke up with a stiff back saw 2 physio`s,
i belevie the 2nd physio because she has more experince.

she said my L4 AND L5 are having trouble streaching , so she gave me a massgae and told me to start swimming and yoga, .

I have been swimmin for 3 weeks see inmprovment and start yoga next week thing is i still have an ache and feel like sumthin is there on my bottom right side! it really changes my attiude i would like to wake up and not fink about it.
i sit there and think wish i was like i was before i just wont to be happy me im not no more and when im doin thing and normmal happy this time im not coz its just there .
physio said i will or should fully heal if i dont go mad with excerise jus got to streach it coudl be cause bi pushin and lifint a whhel chaire for 2 years!.
so will i get better ? my mind is over the place split with my bf and feel worse. shal i see how yoga goes or see a chiro ? i ahve no money for chiro at moe and wil he click me ?


Don't rush into manipulation - listen to what Kathleen has said - you may find yourself in more pain afterwards than you have had up till now. You need some exercise to keep supple but don't overdo it. You sound as though you are young so healing time is on your side. Three weeks isn't a very long time to get yourself right
Your local library will have some books on Back Care if you want to do some reading.

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