i've noticed this "bruised spot" on the side of my wrist. it's sorta brown-ish. i showed my mom and she said that it's symptoms of tenditis. she said it's caused by how i hold the mouse on the computer. she said i need to get that gel thing that ur wrist is suppose to "lean" on while u're using the mouse. what do u guys think? i'm not sure if she's right or not..


I'd rather doubt it. Tendinitis is a infection in the sheaths of the tendons that go to your hands, yes, you can get it this way but, it takes some times and some work. You may get carpal tunnel syndrome after months or, years of the same position, it's about the same.

Try putting ice on it, see if that helps. A doctor, if this is tendinitis or carpal tunnel may want to give you a shot of cortisone, this would act instantly to relieve the pain.
Try some type of muscle relief, an ointment.

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