Injured by nightclub libiality!?!


Injured by nightclub libiality!?

i was in a nightclub last night and they had a kind of display thing on and the metal what they used it for fell off the ceiling and hit me on the shoulder. My shoulder is severly swollen been hospital straight after incident! it was very heavy and if it would of hit me on the head it would of killed me! is there some kind of compensation here?


I doubt you will get anything tbh.

My friend had her foot badly injured by a "too-clever for it's own good" door at a major department store. Her foot was cut and she had heavy bruising. She is a fully qualified solicitor and found that she had little chance of winning in a claim.

And that is a provable door as a major department store.. not some piece of tat that a little nightclub owned by possibly shadowy people can easily move.

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