Which sleep disorder is it if I have convos w/ ppl & never have a recollecti!


Which sleep disorder is it if I have convos w/ ppl & never have a recollection of it the nxt day?

Two or three hours after I've fallen asleep, my boyfriend sometimes calls me on my cell phone, which I place right near my bed. According to my call log, I usually talk to him for 2 or 3 minutes (general, coherent sentences so he says), but when I wake up the next day, I have absolutely no recollection of speaking to him or of the phone ringing at all. This concerns me because I would like to be in control of my actions always, and this is a recurring thing (almost every time he calls at night). Please help! Thanks.


Plain and simple: What you describe is a kind of "sleepwalking," even though you're not technically walking.

You don't say that you're taking sleep meds, so I'll assume that you're not taking Ambien. But doing ALL SORTS of unusual things in ones sleep and having no recollection of it afterwards is one of the major problems with Ambien. People have been known to even walk out to their cars, get in, and DRIVE while asleep on Ambien!

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