How can i stop my parents from smoking?!


How can i stop my parents from smoking?

Everyday they smoke and everytime they do, i tell them to quit. But they just ignore me or push me aside and say something along the lines of 'dont worry, just leave me alone and i'll quit' BUT THEY SAID THAT YEARS AGO!

They cant stop smoking and after tons of learning about cigarettes in health class, im always scared! Im not the type of person to tell my parents that i cry at night about it (i dont) and stuff.

Thier too addicted, it kills thier lungs and thier wallets.

How can i stop them? One time i tried telling them to stop smoking but they just yell at me and send me to my room or something. Its bugging me ALOT.

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2 weeks ago
They usually go out for a smoke whenever they can (commercial breaks) but they have a habit of ging after they eat.

My parents started smoking when they were really young (14 etc) and now thier 30 ish.

2 weeks ago
but... its hurting me so bad... i cant stand it


hmmm... well, I suggest showing them what smoking really does to you over the years. Also, maybe tell them to join one of those smokers anonymous things to quit, or maybe say pretend to start smoking one day (put a cigar in your mouth), and tell them either you'll start doing it since your parents do it, or you are doing it because your parents are doing it. Any of that help?

well sadistwitch and Autumn, I don't agree with you. Do you know how bad smoking is for you?

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