I'm having a lot of neck problems on my right an back side of my neck, and it hu!


I'm having a lot of neck problems on my right an back side of my neck, and it hurts to move my right arm. Wth?

It hurts to move my neck forward or to the right as well. By wth I mean what the heck, like what the heck is going on but I ran out of room.


It sounds to me you have the same thing I just found out I had-
neck and arm pain - etc. Probably a pinched nerve - and it is possible that it it NOT in you neck. I had MRI's -- and nothing was shown to be on them, but after going to a neuroligist - I have pinched nerve up high in my neck -at the base... Pinched occiptial nerve, pinched nerve in my arm at my elbow -

The only treatment that was offered so far is of course surgery but I said -what else.LOL he had decided to give me shots of lidocaine in my head (right by my ear-) I will look for a picture to show exact location.

Indeed this may not be the case for you - but like i said it SOUNDS the same.

I would call a doctor if it is annoying.. I BELIEVE YOU_ i was
feeling totally misunderstood.

Do you have any other symptoms ( numbness?) that would be a hint that something is pinched.


You probably will have an MRI / then EEG or EMG ... I was soo relieved when he totally listened and told me I was legitimate in my complaint.

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