Can a hernia hurt more when you first get up? Help, im confused.?!


Can a hernia hurt more when you first get up? Help, im confused.?

ok so ive had what I think is a hernia now for like 6 years, anyways it always gives me problems when I lift something really heavy, do a sudden movement like juke in football, sometimes when I bend down to pick stuff up etc. When I cough a little bulge pops out in my groin area, so im thinking its a hernia. Anyways this morning when I woek up I felt the hernia type pain for every footstep I took with my left leg, like I would feel testicle pain and groin pain with every footstep, this went away after about 10 mins. This is the third morning this has ever happened, about 2 years ago this happened two mornings in a row. Anyone thats ever had a hernia has this ever happened to you? Like the hernia hurts in the morning?

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2 weeks ago
Ash, you have had this happen? How so? Thanks


Yes, of course i know, my brother had it last year it was really bad so he had surgery done. Get a surgery as its only once n the pain will go away forever. After surgery i remember bringing him home of course it hurts a little then but after a week or so everything gets back to normal. You just cant walk for a first few days so u need someone to take care of u n bring food n stuff n everything for u to ur bed. If u r really gonna think abt that then go to ur regular doctor tell him show him n he will refer u to a surgeon then discuss n find out everything with him first before taking the big step.
BEST OF LUCK............(if u really wanna know more then e-mail me)

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