I'm currently taking Ritalin (LA) but I am considering switching to Strattera, a!


I'm currently taking Ritalin (LA) but I am considering switching to Strattera, any advice or warnings?

I am a 23 year old female. Here is my shortened history on A.D.D. medications..Ritalin from the age of 8-18...Tried a few years of college unmedicated (BAD idea!!) Back on Ritalin around 22 ..however it would hit my system, peak and I would be a mess of nausea and anxiety. Last year I was switched to Ritalin LA..I like it okay..it certainly doesnt have that one heavy peak and fall off like normal Ritalin, however I am concerned that as I have gotten older my stomach can no longer handle stimulants very well. I have gastro-intestinal probs as it is. (Acid Reflux, Gastritis)..The moment the ritalin..or even things such as coffee, enters my system I am immediately nauseous. As it starts to go away I find myself having to go ( erm, #2) to the bathroom. This is like clockwork. Because of the nausea, my stomach probs, and the fact that I was very recently diagnosed with a heart murmur I am looking into Strattera because it is stimulant free. Any advice or warnings??


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