My 2 year old has had watery stool for about three days now......?!


My 2 year old has had watery stool for about three days now......?

he seems to be fine untill right before he has to go than he says it hurts....I am asuming his stomach is cramping up because his butt is not even red. I change him immedeatly and let his butt air out for a while before I put a diaper back on him. It is so bad it just drips right down his leg and onto the floor, or up his back. I know the flu has been going around so I'm not too concerned that it is anything else but I would like to avoid taking him to the dr. every time I do it is just a waste of time and they say bla bla.....Is there any kind of ant-diarehal medicine that can be given to 2 year olds.? He is not eating a lot but he is eating and he is drinking like normal.

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2 weeks ago
Like I said, my son is drinking enough fluids....Gaterade, water, Milk.....he is NOT dehydrated in the least. And my entire family had the craps in the previous week so I know it is the flu! I just think it is a waste of time to go to the dr. for them to look at him for two minutes and charge whatevery it is they charge...........................


I know that going to the doctor is a pain in the butt, but I really wouldn't give him anything until he is looked at. There might some kind of a bacterial infection causing the watery stool. Make sure he is drinking, even offer him those pedialytle popsicles, you can loose alot of electrolytes with diarrhea,especially small children.

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