Question about my penis/crotch area...?!


Question about my penis/crotch area...?

I've been drinking a LOT of milk lately(there was this one day when I had ~3 L of milk) but then again like 2 days ago I had NO milk to balance everything out. However, for around 3 days now I've been feeling this weird pain on my crotch area. It's not a strong pain, but it's there. I'm really concerned, and I remember my health teacher telling me that when he had so much calcium they had to do some really bad surgery around his crotch the same thing happening to me? I just turned 16 and I'm not really that tall so...if not, what is the problem? It pain doesnt just go on my penis, but really everywhere in the crotch area. Thanks.


If you have pain down there - its not normal and even though it could be embarrassing go and get it checked out just so you can rule out anything serious.

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