Just had microdisectomy and not sure about what pain to expect in recovery?!


Just had microdisectomy and not sure about what pain to expect in recovery?

Just had microdisectomy 9 days ago, and at first recovery went well. Then I overdid it, silly me, by sitting for a really long time and then getting up and walking around and getting in the car for my first outing. Way overdone it. Now LOTS of EXTREME pain in back whenever I move, can only get relief when lie on my back legs slightly raised. It is a little bit better today, 2 days after the initial "really bad night" but not game to start walking around again! Has anyone had any similiar experience or any experience with recovery from microdisectomy or similar back surgery? Oh I'm 33.

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2 weeks ago
I phoned my surgeon and he said to give it 24 hours as there was no temp or sign of infection and it should get better. I'm just interested to hear if anyone has any experiences with the recovery proces.. thank you.


Believe it or not, alot of people over do with back surgery. Including myself.lol Like your doctor said, right now, if you don't have fever or also if there is no drainage from your incision site you will be okay. You really should be getting up a little bit and walking though. I know it hurts but if you don't you are gonna stiffen up again and really be in a really bad way.Keep icing your back for 15 min at a time and take your pain meds as prescribed. You'll be okay in a couple of days.

Do you have sciatic(leg) pain again, because now that I think of it, that could be a differant story.?? If that is the case you should probably see your doc on Monday.

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