I think I just broke a bone in my hand - help?!


I think I just broke a bone in my hand - help?

I got stressed out and lost my temper and punched a wall...i looked at my hand, the bone below the knuckle in my pinky was poking out under neath the skin... i pushed it back in my it must be broken, i can still move all of my fingers and my pinky but it hurts and i have little strength left in that hand,it hurts badly to type and i feel dizzy and sick...

i am at work right now and cannot get out until 10... should i go to the emergency room right after i get out or can it wait for the walk in tomorrow morning...please, any advice would be welcome here as i have made a terrible mistake.

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2 weeks ago
let me clarify it was not the bone in my pinky, the large knuckle below the pinky, the bone just below that one was the one sticking out underneath the skin...it did not break the skin thankfully but it is obviously broken.

2 weeks ago
i am a shift supervisor at cvs, it is just me and one other cashier here, i cannot just leave or call anyone...i have just three hours left here i can make it, the hospital is right acros the street


Mmm...get off the net, talk to your boss and go to the ER. It is a fracture for God's sake! And don't eat or drink anything in case they use anesthesia to reduce the fracture.

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