What is a sore jaw a result of?!


What is a sore jaw a result of?

Woke up with pain in my jaw, all the way next to my ear. I can't chew food and I can hear and feel a dull popping/shifting action occurring.

If this is TMJ- what are some solutions for this? I already took two ibprofuen.

this is also the first time this pain has happened.


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2 weeks ago
edit: this is not a sexually related question.


Suggest you consider seeing a dentist who is a maxio facial specialist.
It appears you may be having difficulty with the disc within the TMJ. it is slipping and the condile is not gliding properly when you open and close you mouth. It may even feel as if your jaw is locking at times. Pain can even be as severe as a migraine.
Treatment may be simple but depends upon the severity of the problem. Do not wait too long, something simple can become major.
Try not to chew too much, suggest you try very soft food or even puree to reduce the pain.

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