What is causing right side TMJ pain and numbness inside right ear?!


What is causing right side TMJ pain and numbness inside right ear?

I feel severe TMJ pain only when clenching teeth or chewing. Can't bring right rear teeth together without sharp pain in the joint in front of ear. Inside right ear is totally numb. No ear pain at all. No headaches.

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2 weeks ago
Wow, thanks for the input! Let me respond to a few points. I have ground my teeth for twenty years and never had any pain...only worn teeth. No problems swallowing. No dizziness. I do get a numb tingling in my right arm while at the computer and driving, and have had a persistant ache behind my shoulderblade since this jaw thing started. Hard to get my arm into a position where it is relieved. I saw my family practioner and he has pointed me to a dentist as well, but I am 99% sure it is not tooth related. Can they X-ray the TMJ to determine anything? BTW, stress, anxiety and depression are my middle name, and I have been on a med regiment for years. I will try out the soft food and mouth guard approach! Thanks!


Go on a soft-food diet for a couple of weeks. It will pass, honest. And take ibuprofen and paracetomol alternatingly in the meantime. And try to avoid any activities which involve excessive usage of your mouth! So that would be singing, going to the dentist etc. You have my sympathies!

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