I fell 2 weeks ago and walloped my knees and my funny bone ( nerve in elbow)?!


I fell 2 weeks ago and walloped my knees and my funny bone ( nerve in elbow)?

now when even my sweettop/jumper toches that area or even catching it on my duvet its so very painfull has any real damage been or will it heal i can move my arm no problem and their is no bruising its just so tender please help.

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2 weeks ago
Oh dear doesn't sound to pleasent at all, you have all experianced it to i say the pain is so bad when i catch it brings tears to my eyes. Thanks everyone xxx

1 week ago
Hi guys and Gals thanks for the answers took advice went doctors he proded and poked and pulled and pushed felt like a bit of cattle after a few screams he said its not broken i had trapped the nerve under my bone hence the pain he was evil but fixed me


Oh dear sounds like it could be broken. Go to your doctor or the accident and emergency department at your local hospital. Something is not right there. I hope you get it sort out and good luck.

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