I fell and cut up my leg pretty bad abrasion please help?!


I fell and cut up my leg pretty bad abrasion please help?

I was walking when one of my legs went out on me....my right foot feels twisted and my left leg has a bad abrasion...i have tried everything but it still stings....its looks like their is dirt under the skin but i can't get it out...what do i do? I have washed with antibacterial soap, clean facecloth soaked it, used peroxide, antibacterial spray and cream and bandaged myself up...please help it hurts


Try to be patient, because you've treated it correctly. Don't over- treat because you just keep irritating the skin and nerve endings. The best thing would be to take an anti inflammatory to relieve the pain, and keep the wound clean by covering it lightly with non-stick gauze so it gets oxygen. Abrasions really hurt and it'll take a couple of days to subside.

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