To Doctors* Why do I have pain on one side of my head?!


To Doctors* Why do I have pain on one side of my head?

It kinda scares me that it is only on one side. I'm afraid it may be a tumor. Is this normal...
It is not extrememly painfull, more like a dull annoying pain.
It is not at the base of my head so I don't think it is a tension headache.
It is about 3 to 4 inches above the base and off to the left side.
It isn't close to my ear and I don't have an earache.
It's not a migrane.

Should I get it checked?

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2 weeks ago
I've researched cluster headaches a little and I do not think that is it. Wikipedia says that "Cluster headaches are rare, extremely painful and debilitating headaches that occur in groups or clusters. They may also be described as "suicide headaches", a reference to the excruciating pain and resulting desperation that has culminated in actual suicide.[1]" And my headaches are very painfull...

2 weeks ago
*I meant to say thay are NOT very painful..

2 weeks ago
It has been hurting for about a week and a half


Headaches are usually on one side of the head. Rarely on both sides. There are five types. Classical migraine is one one side. Migraine means "one side". Usually sever pain. It is a vascular type. Also cluster is vascular. Also very painful. People have killed themselves to relieve the pain form cluster headaches. Clusters come in groups. Headache every day for awhile and then nothing for months at a time. Pain from a cluster is said to be the most painful experience there is. It is rare thank God.
Next is tension, muscular or stress headache. Hurts on one side. The third is from the upper neck, also one sided. Some therapist think these last two types are both caused by neck problems.
The last two types are Traction and Inflammatory. Both of these are caused by a tissue irritation from the spine or covering of the brain. Both are very painful.
Yours is most likely tension. Take two aspirin and see a PT or Chiro Monday if still hurting. You are not dying.

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