Is it normal for my ankle to hurt for this long?!


Is it normal for my ankle to hurt for this long?

I sprained my ankle a long time ago...about 3 weeks. I should be able to do stuff on it again, and I can't! I can barely walk, and there's barely any sign of bruising on the outside still. I can walk on the heel alright, but it hurts to put any pressure on the toes (like when I'm running).

What can I do to speed the process?


a sprain takes time to heal. 3 weeks isn't that long, it could take months - especially if your putting pressure on it.

stop running, put the bandage on, soak it in cold water if it's swelling. hot water later on to allow blood to move around. you probably have a torn muscle - be glad it isn't broken.

the last time i twisted my ankle, i also hurt my knee. it took months for the knee to get better. ankle too a long time too. but mostly because i stupidly walked on it.

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