I hurt my back at myer's 12 years ago witch put me in a weelchair i been tacking!


I hurt my back at myer's 12 years ago witch put me in a weelchair i been tacking tramal sr 200mg for 8 years

and antenex for 12 years now.the doctors say thay cant keep me to fix my back .my mir said that i have a dicbolg and three dic's have gone but im sick of takeing all the pills thay give me now there saying i got ibs would that be the pills doing this to me..im just so sick of pain and no one cares only ever gives me more pills


In 1987, I hurt my back. then I had 2 surgeries right away. I was not getting better and i had gone in for a simple laminectomy-- well it was not that simple. I ended up numb - from the waist down. and was in the hospital for 3 months. all the while going thru rehab.

I spent 15 years thinking I was going to be in miserable pain for the rest of my life and one day I was watching David Letterman and Jerry Lewis was talking about this PAIN DEVICE and how wonderful he felt.
So I typed it in the computer... and I mentioned it to my doctor and asked him if he thought this would be an answer...
He said it was worth a try and well long story short He called another doctor that came to Montana - I was so glad thatI didnt have to leave and once the doctor came to Montana he spoke with my original doctor and they are now PARTNERS
I guess it was a 2 way street and a blessing in disguise that this dr wanted a change...

OK so less then 6 months from when we talked I was in surgery and having it implanted WE discussed the pain pump, but I wanted to try and not have meds aboard.. however I am going to have that implanted by the end of the year, but I HAVE HAD COMPLETE RELIEF for 2 years and i am on one med (large dose-but still and all.. GOOD NEWS RIGHT!
You als mentioned IBS - there is a stim for that too. It is called the inter-stim (mainly used on the bladder- but they are using it more and more for that issue.

If you can get even 6 months of NO pain (because it is completely reversible) isnt that worth 30,000 dollars..????

it is to me I didnt have to pay- I am stil doiing wonderful and pleased I have not had to stay snowed under-

I was on so many meds it was ridiculous. went thru

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