How can i get this to go away?!

Question: How can i get this to go away?
I pulled a muscle somewhere in my thigh. I think its my hamstring but im not sure. It hurts really bad and the other day i had to run in p.e so it hurts more now. How do i get the pain to go away?


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If you've pulled a muscle, it's injured and needs to be rested. If it's less than 24 (maybe 48) hours since the original injury you should periodically use an ice pack (20 minutes every hour or two) to reduce swelling. After that a heat pack periodically can help speed healing and reduce pain (such as a wheat bag that you microwave) or you can take paracetamol/acetaminophen to reduce the pain.

It is very important that you do NOT exercise a pulled muscle. You need to rest it so the damage has time to heal. If you force yourself to exercise it may progress to a tear, which takes much longer to heal and has potential complications such as scarring of the muscle leading to weakness and/or long term pain problems. Get your parents to write you a note about PE and don't run around. Go and visit a physiotherapist, who will be skilled in the management of this sort of injury and can better advise you about how best to care for your thigh.

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Never use heat, only ICE,20 minutes every hour as tolerated. Your elevation should be above your heart. Doctors are using 2 Tylenol and 1 Ibuprofen for pain. Take with plenty of food.

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rice- rest ice compression elevation

i had this happen

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