Opinions please...What about This? From a finger to a toe, to any other body par!


Opinions please...What about This? From a finger to a toe, to any other body part.....Should you......?

If you happen to lose a digit, or even a limb, for whatever reason or manner, Do you think that it Is Your "right" to keep it in your possesion to do with whatever you deem fit? I mean, afterall, it is your body part so shouldn't you be allowed to have it back and keep it in your possesion, If you wish to? It is your body part, It's yours....What do you think? Call me weird, stupid or strange, but.....Think about it !!!

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2 weeks ago
Hey Mads, I maybe would..... I'm not presently looking at losing anything but if I was, I might just want to keep it. Only because it's Mine and I just might miss that part of me. I mean c'mon, It's a "Part" of ME !!! Why shouldn't I be allowed to keep it?

2 weeks ago
Hey ZERO, What UP !?! I kinda agree, because, if you think about it, maybe for the person that lost the limb or digit, That's where their dreams have been coming from. And who want's to lose their dream resources?, huh?


I think I would hang it over my bed like a dream catcher of sorts. That would attract all the ladies! Lol

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