Unable to work due to medical conditions, can i make cash from home?!


Unable to work due to medical conditions, can i make cash from home?

recently i have injured my neck and shoulder needing surgery on both, I can't use my left arm at all and my pain level reaches 10 on scale of 1-10 when I am up for 2 hours at a time so i take meds and have to lay down for a while, have the state helping with medical but thats all the help I can get, electric will be shut off on the 10th of july, food is running out and no gas in van to go anywhere, so I need an honest way to make cash and fast before I become homeless


Do you not qualify for some other type of assistance? Unemployment, workman's comp, food stamps, etc? I would contact Social services and find out.

Call the electric company and explain your situation. That may head them off for awhile. If you attend a church or other religious group, contact them and see if any assistance is available short term. I know it's not good to ask for help but it sounds as tho you need it right now. What about relatives? Anyone you can call?

There are ways you can make money from home just beware of the ones that want money first! You should not have to pay. Good luck.

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