Concerned about boyfriend?!


Concerned about boyfriend?

My boyfriend is doing a strange twitching thing. We will be sat there watching tv and he will look away at a fixed point or something and I can see his eyes closing and they kind of roll into the back of his head, eyelids twitching. His hands will also clench into a fist and then stretch out . Its as if he has no control over it. He also makes a funny noise like hes trying to clear his throat or something. The thing is I havent said anything to him as I dont know if hes aware that hes doing it. Can anyone tell me anythig about this please?


He needs to see a doctor. it sounds like epilepsy. you have to tell him maybe he knows already and is embarrassed to say. if he doesn't he needs to get to the docs so they can control this. after all if he takes it when out who knows what might happen.

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