Should I be in pain?!


Should I be in pain?

I have asked questios before about my spiral fracture: I hsve been put into a PTB cast this is a cast that covers the knee but is cut behind the knee so i can bend it. I want to know should I still be in pain, the cast is to allow me to weight beare and walk with crutches. My heel is very sore well uncomfortable, I also get twinge of pain were the break is, do you think this is to do with the fact that I am putting weight on it. I cannot sleep at night as my heel is acheing, can anyone give me some advise on what I shoulld do, I am not back to see the doctor until end of July.


The pain is probably fairly normal,but even though you don't go back to the Dr. til the end of July, I would definitely call him. If it's anything,he'll get you in sooner. good luck

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