I stepped on a nail and im now worried about my health..?!

Question: I stepped on a nail and im now worried about my health..?
I don't know what it is, i always get paranoid when i step on something. Or if im in the sea. I hate injections, they make me faint and feel sick and pass out half the time. But yesterday night, my dad was chasing me and i stepped on a nail where the door is. You know where it shuts? The panel on the floor?
It started to hurt, so i took my sock off and it was bleeding, it's only a little cut. I squeezed it to see if i had anything in there and there wasn't. The skin is ripped off a bit and the skin underneath is cut and it's red still. I can walk and that but if i put pressure on it, it's painful. I'm 15 and had most jabs i'm meant to have, DTP, HPV, Tetanus ect..
Im just scared. I nursed it last night, i cleaned it with damp tissue paper and let the air get to it, then i put my sock on. But today, i showed mom and she told me to put tee tree oil on it to sanitize it.
What do i do if it got worse? Im not going to die am i?


You're going to be perfectly fine. Keep it clean but don't torture it. I would suggest rinsing it with some hydrogen peroxide if you're really worried about it and keeping it wrapped in a bandage. If it happened to get infected your body will probably fight the infection with the hydrogen peroxide. You're not going to need to go to the doctor. You're replacing all your skin 24/7 anyway so let your body do what it does best. :)

You are not sopposed to put ur sock back on until is heal. You can use what ur mom said. Cleaning a womb is not only watewr that's requiered. I would use hydogenated water too and the ointment like neosporing (something like that, I can't spell it) plus u are sopposed to keep cleaning it for days.you have low platelets count? It should be healing now.

Definitely get a tetanus shot after having anything with possible rust pierce the skin.

Had to do this before after stepping on a nail that went through my shoe at a construction site.

As long as you have had your tetanus shot and you keep it clean you should be just fine.

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