Question: Masturbation............?
in healthy strokes site it say that masturbating by rubbing on the bed is bad.what is the wrong with it?i found masturbation on this way.but i can do it in anyway.but i am depressed that it has caused me any permenent damage.i am fear of my future.should i worry.please tell ne


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I think they believe that doing it in the 'prone' position is harmful. I wouldn't worry, but dont do it too often.

The odds are you won't suffer damage from this. I have researched this since my boyfriend does the same thing, but he definitely hasn't suffered any ill effects after 28 years!

The damage is rare and it is not permanently disfiguring. If you are really concerned, try other approaches, like in the shower, or lying on your back.

Check with a doctor about this if you experience any pain or numbness.

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Hello there,
You shouldn't worry at all...nothing wrong with rubbing it on the bed. Just avoid putting it in things where it might get the top of a bottle. Otherwise, do what you fancy. Good luck.

Just be careful not to braise the skin, cause then it will sting. The only problem with the bed scenario is the fact that you can soil the sheets.

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