I have pain on my inner elbows, where my bicep ends, from exercising!?!

Question: I have pain on my inner elbows, where my bicep ends, from exercising!?
What does this mean? Am I not doing to exercises properly, or is it normal to hurt?
I've been going to an exercise class where we do cardio and some weight lifting, but then I started doing fitness in school with a lot of weight lifting/pulling yourself up/pulling on weights for traps and lats. It only started hurting on my inner elbows when I started doing the fitness in school.


it is because you aren't used to it and your muscles are sore. it isn't really bad, it means you're getting stronger. you could ease up for a little while though.

it's like what you get when you do a ton of sit ups after not doing any for a while and the next day you can't get out of bed XD.

when you exercise your muscles get micro tears on them. when they heal, your muscles get stronger. it just means you aren't used to that much exertion yet.

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