Help to quit smoking.?!


Help to quit smoking.?

I recently starting smoking (it's been under a month) and I would like to quit. I heard through the grapevine that nicotine is only addictive physically for 3 days in your system. I'm having difficulty though even after the 3 day mark. I just have a weird craving for the evil death sticks constantly. I'll just be driving along and a cigarrette will pop into my head and cloud my mind. I'm tired of it, plus I don't want to die of cancer. I'm a highly physical active person and I'm starting to hack and wheez everytime I run or lift. I'm tired of this, cigarrettes are extremely pointless! I started out of stress related nonsense after someone offered me one at a social event. I would just like advice on tips to quit without having to go buy patches/gum/programs. Would just like to know what worked for you. Thanks.


My brother quit smoking by going completely cold turkey. he had a big poster of lesion infested lungs hung in his cupboard and whenever he used to open it he used to see it to reaffirm his determination.

Hoenstly if you know an dunderstand that it is bad for you you ahve already completed half the battle. Mopst smokers do not really wanna give up!

Just a bit more preserverance and you will make it. Stay firm and veer away from smoker friends as their sinking boat is not the one you wann be onbaord.

All the best!

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