Incredible foot pain at work?!

Question: Incredible foot pain at work?
I got a retail job a few weeks ago. I work 9 hour days and am constantly standing and moving. My feet are in so much pain it's unbelievable. I've had similar jobs in the past and nothing like this has ever happened. By the last few hours I'm nearly in tears they ache so much, not to mention blisters (those I can handle). I bought Naturalizer shoes, but they are not helping at all. Any advice on shoes/remedies to help? Thanks


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There are many reasons for the foot pain, would like to know more details about the pain. Some of the reasons for foot pain would be stress fracture on the navicular bone especially seen in people working continuously on a hard ground, inflammation of the extensor tendons, plantar fascia strain, lateral plantar nerve entrapment and many more. According to your job description only conclusion I could come up to is inflammation of the extensor tendons, which is basically caused due to the overuse of the tendons in foot. A good way of getting rid from this foot pain is using a good massager on regular basis, I would recommend OSIM uSqueez warm a foot massager with great features like warm air technology which helps improve blood circulation, wrap around and squeeze to deliver a simultaneous massage to feet, calves and ankles and inbuilt foot rollers to deliver a foot reflexology massage which helps alleviates muscle aches by stimulating all the vital acupressure points.

take your shoes and socks off. press up just behind the ball of your foot. If it is a fallen metatarsal arch that will feel real good (though in a painful way, if you know what I mean) If that is what you need, either buy or make a 'metatarsal arch support) and fasten in where it needs to be. I made some from the firm foam of shoe soles, ground down until they looked like 1/2" of your thumb, then taped them to the bottom of my foot (remember to stay behind the callous of the ball of the foot).

Can you be more specific about the pain? Is it shooting pains or an ache, and where is it located: ball of your feet, toes, arch, heel, Achilles? Where the pain is determines whether it's a shoe issue or a foot issue.
As for the blisters, you should not have to deal with that. A good pair of shoes should fit comfortably and cradle your foot. There should not be rubbing, definitely not to the point of creating a blister, where are you getting those: ball of the foot, side, toes, Achilles, top? That may indicate that your shoes don't fit correctly.
Really the ideal thing to do is try on lots and lots of shoes until you find the pair that feels best. They should hug your feet and have enough cushion to feel comfy but enough support to not feel like you're standing on a pillow. You should not be able to feel the ground through your shoes, and they should feel good whether you're on your toes, on your heels, crouching, walking or running. Put some different brands and styles of shoes through the paces at a local shoe store.
If you're working on tile or hardwood you also might want to look into slip resistant shoes, but that depends on your environment.

I work for SR Max Slip Resistant Shoe Company (, where we sell comfortable slip resistant work shoes for all industries, designed with long days in mind.

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