Does the tendonitis mean I broke my wrist?!

Question: Does the tendonitis mean I broke my wrist?
The first time I went to the emergency at the hospital they could not detect a fracture but when I went to my doctor he said I had a broken scaphoid. I went to the x-ray place and the kept the splint on and it messed up my x-ray, the radioalogoist said he thought it was broken and then I said to go back there a second time and they said it wasn't broken. I'm a little confused because it really hurts a lot and I just went to the emergency again because I feel yesterday and they said they thought it was a sprain but it just hurts so bad! I have broken my left leg before and it feel like I broke my wrist. I'm going to the doctor when he gets back. And the bones that are supposely broken do not get a lot of blood supply and it is hard to detect if they are broken.

Does the tendonitis mean I broke my wrist?


If the doctor said you broke your scaphoid bone, which is one of the carpal bones, then that is not tendinitis. Tendinitis is when you overstretch your tendons from some type of strenuous activity. Definitely go back to your doctor when you can and keep wearing the splint until your doctor says not to or gives you a cast.

Tendinitis is when your tendon is irritated by something
I don't know if you broke your wrist but I had the same problem last year and trust me, I feel your pain.

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