will weed go into my system from smelling the smoke?!

Question: Will weed go into my system from smelling the smoke?
I'm sick of probation and I wanna spend sumtime with mary J but I heard you can get contact buzz and only if you hotbox with alot will it goe into your system i was wondering if i just had people blow smoke at me and I just smelled it through my nose would it get into my system? this is urgent please answre soin


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well for one thing that would be kinda lame just sitting there while your friends are getting high and having a good time while youre just sitting there getting a 'buzz'.

In rare circumstances, passive smoking can cause false positives in urine tests, up to 4 days after exposure, although those who passively smoke have noticeably less concentrations in their urine.(6)
There is some controversy over whether the cut-off levels used to detect cannabis in blood and urine tests is too low, leading to a high degree of false positives. If you feel your drug test is false due to passive smoking, then you could demand that the threshold of your test is 65 ng/ml, not the 15 ng/ml of many laboratories. The higher level is thought to distinguish between active and passive smoking.

hope that helped.




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