my ears hurt when i have music on in my earphones, do you think this is serious?!

Question: My ears hurt when i have music on in my earphones, do you think this is serious?

Maybe the volume is too high... Or you put the speaker in too far. Do you hear ringing in your ears when you take them out? If you do, go see a doctor. Hope I helped :)

Yes, somethings wrong. The human ear can handle 100 minutes of loud music. You should then take a 30 min break to rest you ears. But if you listen to over 100 minutes, you should pick a new hobby. Another problem could be that the earphones are broken and are making a high magnetic pitch noises.

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from a rock star drummer. not. but yes it is always serious! hearing never comes back when it is damaged! personal experience with that. tinnitus is probably what you have and it can lead to permanent ringing. keep the volume less than 1/3rd full volume on your player device. you wont notice hearing loss usually. it will just seem like things need to get louder and louder and they really dont change loudness as much, and then your ears will ring. you can always stop the progression by taking moments of silence(in a quiet room) and resting your ears and re-training your brain to the sound of silence.

Im sure you're fine, my jaw hurts for some reason when I listen to music via headphones. If your still worried, go to a doctors, but im sure that your fine :)

Turn the volume down, take breaks, and do something else.


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