my bone hurts how can i make it stronger?!

Question: My bone hurts how can i make it stronger?
ive been doing a lot of weights and it was heavy now my left fore arm bone hurts what do i have to do to make it stronger and how long will it take to heal, ive heard milk is really good but im not sure and will it take days months or weeks thank you


^ agreed with the bone not having feelings. But it is possible to have weak bones, lack of calcium can do this. But If you're eating right it shouldn't be a problem. Lifting weights help strengthen the bones as well, not to mention its good for you. Drinking milk, and eating cheese and yogurt help with calcium which you know strengthens bones. :) i'd take it easy for a few days should heal if its a muscle in a few days. If its still causing you issues in like a week i'd be a bit concerned.

First off, bones don't have feelings or any connections to the brain so they can't hurt or send a message if they did. You have pain caused by muscles in that area that you are feeling. Without knowing more it's hard to say if it's muscle related or if it's tendon related for the muscles you can deal with yourself but the tendons usually require one trained in them.

More people drink milk than ever before but there are higher rates of osteoporosis than ever before so I'm glad you're realizing that it may not be that simple.

I would check with doctor to narrow down what's really up, for starters.

I just met a woman on the weekend that shared with me about how she and her twin sister were very athletic in school but were more focused on school and exercise than on nutrition and ended up being diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis after one of them tripped on a stair and broke a leg bone way too easily. They were very upset and concerned that they had destroyed their health.

They both started on a healthy meal plan by Herbalife and now their bones are fine. One of the twins just had a baby and the other is running triathlons. They loved their results so much that they ended up promoting the Herbalife nutritional products and a healthy active lifestyle. I'd say check with your doctor first in order to narrow down the specific problem/diagnosis and then supplement doc advice with finding an Herbalife distributor to better understand nutrition.

I don't know all the details about the timeline part of your question but if you find out it is something along the lines of osteopenia or osteoporosis or even a stress fracture that you'd like to support your body in healing more quickly, please feel free to contact me for more information for contacting these gals if you want more on their first hand experience specifically. I've learned that it can be useful to emulate those that have already succeeded rather than floundering around reinventing the wheel or being a guinea pig for someone that is so wrapped up in drug solutions that they don't really even believe in the power of the body to actually heal or understand how to support that.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.

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