Is it possible I have a concussion?!

Question: Is it possible I have a concussion?
Yesterday my boyfriend and I were wrestling etc and I ran towards him but he happened to move. I was wearin socks and I fell backwards on the wooden floor and landed hard enough to where my head bounced up far off the floor. I was wondering if I should get it checked out. I had a headache afterwards all day and today.


If all you're having is a headache then you probably just banged your head real good. Most problems occur within the first 24 hours. These are the symptoms of a concussion:

Memory difficulties
Double vision
Hearing difficulties
Difficulty with concentration

If you continue to have problems with your headaches get to your doctor and let him check you out.

Since all you have is a headache, then you may just have a contusion or bump on the back of the head. If you do have a bump on the back of the head, use ice on the swelling three times a day until it is better. Take some ibuprofen and rest for a couple of days.

It is likely you have a concussion. A doctor visit is a good idea.

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