Hello, I am 24 and what i am telling you is true its not bs. I am addicted to pills, vicodin mostly, but percocets when i can get them. I generall feel depressed and think that is why i do them. I have a beautiful girlfriend, who makes a bunch of money, treats me good and thinks i am just the best thing ever, and she has no idea of my addiction, i hide it so good. I can't really say when it started or how cuz i don't know, all i know is i take up to 5 pills at a time for the high, about 2 times a day. Pills i take contain 325/10 milligrams of hydrocodone. So 50 milligrams at a time. I know its bad but my liver is pretty used to it. I don't knwo why i am addicted, all i do is feel sick most of the time but i feel normal when i am on them. Sometimes i go 2 or 3 days without them so i don't knwo if that makes me an addict or not, but when i hit that 3 day mark, i can't wait to get my hands on more. I can't seem to hold a job due to economy, not drugs, so i don't think thats where i am depressed. I work extremely hard, and i make alot of money buying and selling stuff on the side, not drugs, cars and electronics and what not. Ill make 1000 bucks a week in profit selling cars, so some of the problem is there is never a shortage of money for drugs, and my girl makes 60k a year as a hygenist. I love her so much and we have so much fun, but she has no idea of my problem. I never get edgy on or off, never get mean, i am the most humble guy on the planet, just more humble when i am high. I wanna quit so bad, anyone have any suggestions, without feeling like i need them again. Would be greatly appreciated and would be in debt for your help. Thank you.


I was prescribed Vicodin for migraines, and over a period of years, I eventually became addicted. At my worst, I could go through 120, 10mg Vicodin tablets, in five days. I cannot tell you what will help you, but I can tell you what saved my live and has kept me off pills for the last 6 years. First, I started to go to NA meetings. You don't have to get a sponsor or anything, but it is definitely worth trying. Having people who understand your problem goes a long way. The most important thing I did was get on a drug called Suboxone (Buprenorphine). This medication will prevent withdrawal (the uncomfortable feeling you are experiencing when you go three days without a pill). Although this drug does not make you high, it completely took away my desire for Vicodin, and I ALWAYS desired Vicodin. This drug truly saved my life. Only specific doctors can prescribe this medication. You can find a list of the doctors in your area, on this website:
Oh, and if you do decide to try Suboxone, and your girlfriend finds your prescription bottle, you can tell her you take it for depression (there have been studies that suggest it is effective in treating depression, and I have found that it really helped me with mine). Good luck!

at this point you need supervision to come off the pills, and therapy to get your life back.
you have to tell her. and you have to go to a rehab.


Stop taking the pills. Try your best to go for at least 1 week.. you'll eventually start to feel normal without pills


you need to seek professional help asap. just walk into the local or nearest hospital or clinic. if there is not one near by then look up online the nearest rehab center or centers that deal with such issues. even if it's a center that deals with homelessness or abused victims they still have information for rehab centers b/c some of their patrons have to deal w/ these issues.

You are addicted my friend of course you can go without them for 3 days because they stay in your system for that long if you go off them for a week you will get sweats heeby jeebys shakes you will vomit constantly and crap your brains out you won't be able to sleep and yes you will be needing help to get off them what your taking is worse to get off than heroine your kidding yourself if you think you can do this by yourself you need help phone up drug rehabilitation and get advise you will have to at least go to a doctor so he can monitor you and put you on something to help you with the shakes diarrhea vomiting etc and you do need to quit cause your kidneys may be good now but they will pack up overnight one day and you will be on dialysis trust me I know all about this drug have seen many young people addicted to it get help mate your going to need it and I suggest you tell your girlfriend your choice but you will need the support if you choose not to you may have to tell her your going away for a couple of weeks three at least and then stay clean you have a hard time in front of you but I hope and wish for you to stay strong and come out the other side and never do this to yourself again Sorry i can't paint a prettier picture for you I wish you all the best Hugs Granny Mx Ps the salvo's really help you too ! Granny Mx

1. My Knowledge and Advice on this drug.

First of all your liver does NOT get used to it! The pills do cause liver damage.If you don't want to go to rehab try finding a local chapter of N/A.(narcotics anonomous) Meetings are only an hour and you can find great people to help you. Good luck.

You are in denial about you being addicted because you are definitely addicted. Of course you like the feeling. That's why every drug addict out there takes drugs no matter what the drug of choice might be. They feel lousy when they don't have their drug. That's what drug addiction does to a person. Now you might not be like a hard core heroin addict needing a fix, but you definitely need help in getting off drugs and learning how to stay away from them long term. The amount you are taking can destroy your liver. You should be honest with your girlfriend because she could be a big help in supporting you through this. You sound like you really want to quit which is a good thing, but many people cannot do it on their own. They need help from professionals who knows all about addiction. I know it's a lot more than just detoxing and thinking it's all OK because detoxing is just the beginning. Staying away from them is the real struggle after you detox and professionals on addiction can teach you how to do that and give you the tools you need to accomplish that.

If you continue to abuse these drugs like you have been doing, how are you going to explain to your girlfriend why your liver is failing in the future because that will happen? And they don't give liver transplants to active drug users. You would be denied a transplant. You need to come clean both ways. You need to be honest and tell your girlfriend everything plus you need to seek professional help to detox and stay off the drugs. You can try doing it on your own, but that hasn't worked so far and doubt it will work now.

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