How do I know if I broke my toe?!

Question: How do I know if I broke my toe?
I hit my toe really hard on a wall and my toe hurts a lot..I can't walk on it andd I can't really move it at it broken?


You can tell if it broke by looking at the underside of it. If you see bruising,it broke.This is because there is some blood leakage and it settles to the bottom. The very best way to help it heal is to tape it very securely to the toe next to it.Wrap them both together (can even use strips of duct tape...yet another of it's many uses! ) The relief from pain is amazing, as it keeps the toe from bending,which is what really hurts.It heals pretty quickly. Good luck.

Learned from podiatrist I was sent to when I broke my foot. Also have had broken toes several times & this taping always worked like a charm!!

If the pain seems more unbearable than a stubbed toe and it can't move (without manual manipulation which causes severe pain) and you cannot walk (without being in severe pain and off balance), than you should probably get it checked out.

Swelling is also a common sign of a broken bone.
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Since you cannot drive with a broken toe, call a nearby friend or relative to take you to the emergency room.

I hope you recover soon. :)


If you can't move it if it looks out of place does it hurt to touch? Is it swollen? If I were you I would go to your dr just invade since you said you can't move it, it might be broken.

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