Has anyone tried sleeping with wet socks on to give yourself a fever? does it wo!

Question: Has anyone tried sleeping with wet socks on to give yourself a fever? does it work?


Your body basically has a built-in thermostat and it will try to keep itself at the temperature it's thermostat is set. To get a fever, something either needs to turn up the thermostat, or the cooling system needs to be unable to cool properly.

The only way to give yourself a fever without certain types of medication or being sick is to be in a hot place AND be so dehydrated you don't sweat, or have the humidity high enough your sweat doesn't evaporate, and do vigorous activity. This will give you heat stroke. It's not good.

Contrary to popular belief, being cold does not cause one to catch a cold. In fact, the reason that more people catch colds in the winter is because we spend more time inside, and the virus is spread more easily in close quarters.

That's a long way of saying that it won't work.

I've did that and in full wet clothes but since i have a water bed I didn't get much of a fever. I heard if you fall asleep while your taking a bath makes u sick.

Hello, and in case you need to get out of school.

Who in the world would want a fever?

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