i dont want to go to bed ?!

Question: I dont want to go to bed ?
i feel like crap. my whole upper body is sore, from exercising so much today. im like hurting. i feel weird and just tired. i can stay up , but i dont want to go to bed since ill wake up at 12pm tommrow.
what to do. thanks


Been there, done that.....

Just rest....

Only thing you can do when you over-train. You know your bodies limit now so learn the lesson.
Also I do not know you physical condition, eating habits, lifestyle, etc.

I could help more if I did.

Bodybuilding is a hobby.

Why have you over exercised are you training for something specific? Do you know of a spa you can go jump in this will rest all your sore muscles if not get into a shower warm never cold after exercising as this can give you a heart attack then cool the shower to as cool as you can stand it before you turn it off this will help your muscles open then contract ok or a warm bath with mineral salts in it like RADOX and bed my friend and get up and stretch out in the morning ok Hope this helps and don't over exercises you can hurt something permanently when the body says ouch stop don't push over pain ok! Hugs Granny M x

1.My Knowledge

Its 12:00am on a friday and im getting ready for work.

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