Just quit smoking, what can I do to help my voice?!

Question: Just quit smoking, what can I do to help my voice?
If you're going to give me stupid, abusive answers - I've heard it all before.
You could get 10 points out of this guys, I just need straight answers. I know smoking is stupid, bad for your voice and terrible for your image etc, but I've stopped now. That isn't the issue. Thanks.

Okay, I started smoking 'properly' (properly being between 4-10 cigarettes a day) in late December, and I've now quit. I haven't touched one for two days, and though I was offered a toke from my boyfriend, merely holding it to my lips made me feel nauseous so I declined. I will not go back onto them.

The point of this question is, I was a soprano singer before I started smoking - and I know that smoking damages your voice. I've heard it takes 48 hours for your lungs to clear, but I have an audition in the middle of April, and although my voice still sounds as decent as it always does, the higher soprano notes are very strained and breathy and I know it's due to the smoke.

Can somebody give me some warm ups/techniques/daily tasks like drinking water etc - that will help me gradually restore my voice back to health? Or is it gone for good now?
I just want to be able to reach my high notes with ease again, there should be a way to get there right? Please help, thank you.


Practice singing your scales but don't strain your voice cords a very good pure honey and tea drink a lot also Madonna has chili meal before she sings this helps and also have you tried to suck an occasional cepacol it is an anesthesia for your mouth and throat and just before you sing have you ever chewed a green capsicum raw it cools and clears your throat too gargle a lot too with mild listerine to keep germs a way Hope this helps It would not hurt you to spend time with a singing coach even if you are a Professional just to get you back to it once a week would be of immense help Hope you get your lovely voice back look after your gift Good luck or break a leg as they say in show business Luv Granny M x

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The damage should heal it's self given the short time you were smoking. I do recommend a tea like Throat Coat. It may help.


Stopping smoking is a pretty simple thing to do... in principle. Maybe because of it sounding so easy it catches people off guard and ultimately makes it much more difficult to quit.

There are a lot of products out there that can help you to stop smoking. Which is best for you depends on many factors and ultimately the only person that knows which is best for you is you.

The best thing to do when you are looking to stop smoking is to find out what options you have, and then decide which sounds best for you.

Here's a website that lists the different things that are out there to help you stop smoking.

Stop Smoking Aids - Choosing The Right Aid To Stop Smoking

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